Business & Shopping Centers

The Site Overview Map presents current commercial and retail site availability within the City. Whether you need 2,500 square feet or 25,000 square feet, or more, Diamond Bar has a beautiful location that is perfect for your business. If you don't find what you're looking for, or if you require more information about business locations in Diamond Bar, call the City of Diamond Bar at 909.839.7030.

Site Overview Map

Commercial Opportunity
7. Gateway Corporate Center

Retail Opportunities

1. Diamond Hills Plaza
2. Diamond Bar Shopping Center
3. Diamond Bar Town Center
4. Diamond Bar Towne Center
5. Diamond Creek Village Center
6. Peppertree Plaza
8. Golden Springs Plaza
9. North Diamond Bar Retail Project/K-Mart
10. Montefino Center
11. Montefino Plaza
12. Plaza Diamond Bar
13. Ranch Center
14. Sunset Village Shopping Center
15. Towne Center Village
16. Vineyard Bank Plaza
17. Brea Canyon Retail Project
18. Diamond Bar Promenade Project
19. Diamond Star Plaza Project
Brea Canyon Plaza
21. Derby Corner
22. Diamond Bar Service Center
23. Diamond Bar Village Center
24. Golden Springs Center
25. Oaktree Plaza
26. Padre Center
27. South Diamond Bar Center
30. Sunset Crossing/Diamond Bar